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Will Brunner joins Popmintchev LABS – Receives Ticho Fellowship

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In honor of Harold Ticho’s 90th birthday, his contributions to the field of physics, and his extraordinary service to UC San Diego, an endowed fund for an annual award to a student in physics was established. The Harold K. Ticho Award is used by the Department of Physics as a targeted recruitment tool to attract the best graduate students to study physics at UC San Diego.

Light Quantum Optical Society of America Student Chapter – First OSA Traveling Lecturer!

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“Spatial mode manipulation in communications and imaging”. The ability to analyse and control light’s spatial properties is a fundamental requirement in many disciplines throughout optical physics. Imaging is an obvious example, where how light occupies space is measured directly to reveal details of the object being imaged. However other applications such as telecommunications and the field of Space Division Multiplexing are also increasingly looking to the spatial properties of light as a means of increasing information capacity.

Ziyi Zhao – William A. Lee Undergraduate Research Fellow!

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Ziyi Zhao, B.Sc. candidate in Physics, receives William A. Lee Undergraduate Research Scholarship to work on coherent X-ray generation with arbitrary angular momentum properties! Congratulations! The William A. Lee Undergraduate Research Scholarship provides competitive funding for University of California San Diego undergraduates majoring in the Physical Sciences to conduct research projects[…]