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ResearcherID: B-6715-2008

3 Patents.
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Citation Statistics from Google Scholar>5350 Total citations. Hirsch-index h =28 (number of papers h, cited more than h times). i10-index =40 (number of publications with at least 10 citations).

Citation Statistics from ISI Web of Science>3500 Total citations~43 Average number of cites per journal article. Hirsch-index h =25 (number of papers h, cited more than h times).

Statistics updated: Nov 2019.

Selected Patents

  1. Tenio Popmintchev, Ming-Chang Chen, Alon Bahabad, Margaret M. Murnane, Henry C. Kapteyn, “Method for phase-matched generation of coherent soft and hard X-rays using IR lasers”, Patent: US 8,462,824. Published: JUN 2013. Provisional Patent Application: US 61171783 MAR 2008.
  2. Tenio Popmintchev, Dimitar Popmintchev, Margaret M. Murnane, Henry C. Kapteyn, “Method for effectively phase-matched generation of coherent VUV, EUV and X-ray light using VUV-UV-VIS lasers”, Patent: US 61873794 SEP 2013. Published MAR 2015.

Selected Publications

  1. Popmintchev, D., Hernandez-Garcia, C., Dollar, F., Mancuso, C., Perez-Hernandez, J. A., Chen, M. C., Hankla, A., Gao, X., Shim, B., Gaeta, A. L., Tarazkar, M., Romanov, D. A., Levis, R. J., Gaffney, J. A., Foord, M., Libby, S. B., Jaron-Becker, A., Becker, A., Plaja, L., Murnane, M. M., Kapteyn, H. C. and Popmintchev, T. “Ultraviolet surprise: Efficient soft X-ray high-harmonic generation in multiply ionized plasmas.” Science 350, no. 6265 (2015.) (pp. 1225-1231).
  2. Fan, T., Grychtol, P., Knut, R., Hernandez-Garcia, C., Hickstein, D. D., Zusin, D., Gentry, C., Dollar, F. J., Mancuso, C. A., Hogle, C. W., Kfir, O., Legut, D., Carva, K., Ellis, J. L., Dorney, K. M., Chen, C., Shpyrko, O. G., Fullerton, E. E., Cohen, O., Oppeneer, P. M., Milosevic, D. B., Becker, A., Jaron-Becker, A. A., Popmintchev, T., Murnane, M. M. and Kapteyn, H. C. “Bright circularly polarized soft X-ray high harmonics for X-ray magnetic circular dichroism.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Science USA 112, no. 46 (2015.) (pp. 14206-14211).
  3. Chen, M. C., Mancuso, C., Hernandez-Garcia, C., Dollar, F., Galloway, B., Popmintchev, D., Huang, P. C., Walker, B., Plaja, L., Jaron-Becker, A. A., Becker, A., Murnane, M. M., Kapteyn, H. C. and Popmintchev, T. “Generation of bright isolated attosecond soft X-ray pulses driven by multicycle midinfrared lasers.” Proceedings of the Natlional Academy of Science USA 111, no. 23 (2014.) (pp. E2361-2367).
  4. Popmintchev, T., Chen, M. C., Popmintchev, D., Arpin, P., Brown, S., Alisauskas, S., Andriukaitis, G., Balciunas, T., Mucke, O. D., Pugzlys, A., Baltuska, A., Shim, B., Schrauth, S. E., Gaeta, A., Hernandez-Garcia, C., Plaja, L., Becker, A., Jaron-Becker, A., Murnane, M. M. and Kapteyn, H. C. “Bright coherent ultrahigh harmonics in the keV x-ray regime from mid-infrared femtosecond lasers.” Science 336, no. 6086 (2012.) (pp. 1287-1291).
  5. Popmintchev, T., Chen, M.-C., Arpin, P., Murnane, M. M. and Kapteyn, H. C. “The attosecond nonlinear optics of bright coherent X-ray generation.” Nature Photonics 4, no. 12 (2010.) (pp. 822-832).
  6. Popmintchev, T., Chen, M.-C., Bahabad, A., Gerrity, M., Sidorenko, P., Cohen, O., Christov, I. P., Murnane, M. M. and Kapteyn, H. C. “Phase matching of high harmonic generation in the soft and hard X-ray regions of the spectrum.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106, no. 26 (2009.) (pp. 10516-10521).
  7. Popmintchev, T., Chen, M.-C., Cohen, O., Grisham, M. E., Rocca, J. J., Murnane, M. M. and Kapteyn, H. C. “Extended phase matching of high harmonics driven by mid-infrared light.” Optics Letters 33, no. 18 (2008.) (pp. 2128-2130).

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